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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Update on last post

So I decided to tell him, actually Dylan told me I should tell him and since I do everything Dylan tells me to do, I did. All he said was really like 5 times and then said he had to go and he would call back later. He hasnt called me since, and I told him like a month ago. So I told Dylan and she said to call him, so I did. Lame. no answer. no call back. So, now that one of my really good friends, who obviously wasnt doesnt talk to me because I like him, Ive decided that I'm so over it. Do I still like him, yea, of course. Do I stand a chance with him, No. Which is fine, because I know that God has someone for me, someone who has more than I could ever want. So thanks to this guy... for being a punk... and thanks for your prayers "anymous"

I love you guys.