Shaenas Blog

Monday, November 20, 2006


so far away wishing for you
knowing that every feeling is true
I will not neglect you
you doubt my faith
you doubt my faith in you
you want someone who sees that your amazing
I only see one more amazing than you
I want to love you for who you are
I want you to see that when Im broken your my star

Thursday, November 16, 2006


waiting... just waiting... still waiting
trying to be as patient as possible
I obviously cant rush
no options
love it. thanks.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

man that stunk

I really didn't think that this would hurt me so much. I just told my roomate Anna that I probablly will be moving out in a few months. She knew that it was coming because she could tell that my mom was pressuring me to move in with her. And now that looks like what will end up happening. It's hard living on your own, rent, gas, groceries... rent. Paying $650 a month is too much for me to do right now and be a full time student. It only makes since to live with my mom and not have to pay rent, after all she is clean now so we get along. This way I can save up money for which ever school I choose to transfer to and whatever else I may need to save for.

I love living with Anna though, we have fun and I live on my own. It's nice.

These are the times that I wish my Grandma was here so I could talk with her about it, she always knew what to say and/or do.

Am I crazy? should I not feel bad right now? I told Anna MONTHS in advance, she should be able to find someone else in that time.

Please pray for me, I really need reasurance and peace.

Oh yea! Good news... that boii in my previous post finally called me and said sorry. Im glad I have my friend back!